Our Services

ECIS offers three seperate services, Advisor, Cartographer, and Oracle. You can learn about each in full detail by selecting the service below.


Tractorbeams from ECIS central command (aka "the mothership") will scope in on and verify your posture. ECIS Advisor is a drop-in or external assessor. After all, the easiest way to stand up to cyber-threats is with cyber-guardians.


Smart and secure, while delivering your dream in the most effective and efficient way. ECIS Cartographer can be used to map out an existing or new ecosystem. It's the brain behind the operations, from design through implemetation and delivery.


The Monitor and the Arbitor of your information. Orchestration, operations, and correlations are only a few of the useful things ECIS Oracle can do. If the ECIS Cartographer is the brain, this is the hands and the heart.